The Sacraments


We celebrate the sacrament of communion every 1st and 3rd Sunday during worship.  All who proclaim Jesus as Lord and Savior, children and adults are invited to participate - you don't have to be a member of our church or of any church to receive the elements.  

We still celebrate communion during our online services - gather bread and juice before the service on the 1st & 3rd Sundays so that we can all partake of the elements at the same time.

Learn more about what Presbyterians believe about Communion here.


Baptism is the sign and seal of God's grace in our lives.  In the Presbyterian Church baptism is performed for infants and children as well as youth and adults.  Baptism is an act of the congregation and a covenant between the baptized (or the adults presenting them), the congregation and God.  

Learn more about what Presbyterians believe about Baptism here.

Baptismal Font


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We Gather for Worship

Worship is central to the life of our congregation.  Our services (Sundays at 11 am) are intimate and informal while still observing a traditional structure and liturgy.  Our Pastor’s Bible-based sermons are thought-provoking and help us to hear God’s Word for today and to respond to the Word as faithful disciples.  Children are encouraged to participate in worship to the best of their ability.

Learn more about what Presbyterians believe about worship here.

 For the foreseeable future,  our worship services will be held online on Zoom (audio and video).  Click the button below to logon to our services (the "sanctuary" is open at 10:30 for fellowship before the service):  

​or call  929-436-2866  and enter Meeting ID 501 733 265

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